Little Known Ways to YOGA GLOVES

Congratulations on making that decision of buying yoga mat even though you remain a beginner in this healthy exercise lifestyle. Practicing yoga is a way of life; it is not just a fitness program. It is about keeping in good condition and being fit as you want to prolong your life. But what type of exercise mat does a beginner in yoga use?

There Is No Such Thing As “FOR NOVICES Only” Mat

As a beginner in yoga, you can buy and use any slip free yoga mat that you require. Mats for sale in malls or direct from an online seller have different qualities and with that you can pick which yoga mat will suit you best. underwear to wear with leggings The most frequent and perhaps a best seller mat are often made of PVC material.


PVC is short for Poly Vinyl Chloride. This type of material is thermoplastic that can be melted on a certain temperature also it hardens upon trying to cool off. The recycleables of PVC is constructed of oil and salt but you can find debates on it being unsafe. Many yoga aficionados use the PVC because of its low price. If you have sweaty palms or feet, it is advisable to use yoga gloves or socks using your PVC yoga mat since it does not absorb sweat.

(Added bonus: PVC mat can be a camping mat too!)


If you’re not sensitive to latex, the natural rubber yoga mat may serve you best. It absorbs perspiration which makes it slip-free while you perform your moves. It isn’t really hygienic for a few but what that you can do is work with a yoga towel among your rubber slip free yoga mat and it’s perfect.


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You might have heard about tpe yoga mat. TPE means thermal plastic elastomer. That is an eco-friendly choice for an exercise mat because it is constructed of carbon. It has no PVC or rubber-like materials in it. This type of yoga mat may not be able to absorb moisture but the good thing about that is it inhibits growth of bacteria. Is it non-slip? Of course! It offers the necessary support while you are doing your poses.

Organic Cotton

Some manufacturers of organic cotton mats take pride on the fact that their mats are filled with kapok. It is often used for restorative yoga. Restorative yoga is really a type of pilates wherein most positions are done lying down. The mat is thick for back support and the cover is natural cotton with another kapok cushion. An organic cotton yoga mat could be washed; air-dried and re-used as is.

For anyone who is into backyard outings, this is a great camping mat because of its kapok cotton feature. It feels as though foam.


Can you envisage a mat made of vegetables? Well, jute is a vegetable so basically this mesh mat cares for the environment. It takes a little less than 4 years for a jute plant to mature with leaves used as natural fertilizers and the plant itself consumes carbon dioxide, cleaning the air.

You can actually position yourself with your jute mat. It is super thin super comfortable to use concurrently. Jute is gaining popularity in the exercise mat industry.

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